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Defining Quality

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

With so many options available in the home furnishings market in recent years, the savvy shopper can  research any type of product with the click of a button. While this easy information can be a very good thing, true quality can get lost in all this online abundance.

So, what defines quality? 

For Window Dressers, quality is the most important aspect of our business. Sounds good, but what does it look like to our clients? 

  • Fabrics. We all love fabrics. But fabric selection is about more than color and pattern. Window Dressers has more than a century of experience with fabrics and knowing how they will drape, how well they wear, and how they translate into a window treatment. Our new Integrity Design Solutions/Window Dressers showroom is full of beautiful fabrics for your selection and we are here to guide you.

  • Planning. Organized planning is critical for any successful project. Accurate measurements are the first step to a successful installation. We offer expert on-site evaluation and measure service of each project and flag potential problems up front. We work to find solutions before the day of installation, which makes our designers look good!

  • Construction. A poorly constructed window treatment will hang poorly. Patterns will not match, hems and seams will vary. The problems are endless with bad product. Our Window Dressers workroom staff are highly trained and motivated to provide the attention to detail that our design clients expect and deserve. We use the best linings for each situation to assure a smooth drape and luxurious feel.

  • Hardware. There are so many options to choose from, but who has room to sample them? We do! Our hardware showroom is extensive. You can browse all the options and check out samples for your clients. Because we handle everything for you from measurement to installation, we are uniquely qualified to help you select the best hardware option for your project.

  • Installation. Everything we do at Window Dressers leads up to the final installation of product. Because we are here every step of the way with you, installation days can be stress free. Who doesn't love that!

  • Service. We are here to service you and and your clients should anything arise down the road. We have been in business for over 42 years now because we go the extra mile to make sure you and your clients are satisfied.

We invite you to work with Integrity Design Resources/Window Dressers for your next project and let us personally show you what quality means to us!!

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