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Lutron’s motorized shading and drapery solutions offer more than just ambiance! They’re also coupled with innovative technology that perfectly transforms your home to create the right amount of light at any time.

Save energy with Lutron shading technology that rises to naturally warm your home in the winter and lowers to block out solar heat gain in the summer. Set scenes for whole-home shading control not only for energy savings but also for safety and security when you’re away from home.

Best of all, choose from an endless variety of fabrics and finishes that add more beauty to your home.

Automated Window Treatments do NOT "have to" be integrated with a "whole-house" control system.

  • Individual treatments can be controlled with a wireless wall switch, hand-held remote, or through an app on your smart tablet or phone

  • Timers can be implemented to provide for your treatments to operate at pre-programmed intervals. (morning & evening for example)

  • Window Treatments can be controlled from an entirely remote location and you can see and experience if your treatment is fully closed, fully open, or 30-50-70% open or closed via an app on your smartphone or tablet.  

Customizable Lutron Features

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