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Designing a Roman Shade

Roman shades are very popular for good reason. Romans are the chameleons of the window treatment design trade. From plain to very fancy, roman shades offer an opportunity for great style without large quantities of fabric.

For the minimalist soul, a plain flat shade offers light filtering, privacy, or black out options that serve the purpose without any fanfair. Ah, but add a tape trim and the plain becomes something very different. For example, a simple linen shade with a geometric trim becomes classic. Choose a geometric "hair on hide" trim for an eclectic contemporary look or to create an earthy, rustic vibe.

Roman shade with trim
An embroidered trim adds tremendous impact! Photo courtesy of Samuel & Sons

The truly laid back individual may also prefer a relaxed roman shade. Lift cords are positioned on either side of the shade. As it is raised, a gentle "smile" appears on the bottom edge. This is a perfect style for breezy, casual fabrics.

The construction of the shade is very important as well. Larger shades benefit from adding small pleats to either the front or back side of the shade. Fiberglass ribs are installed into the pleats. These ribs stabilize the fabric as it is raised and lowered. On some patterned fabrics, the pleats can add an additional design element.

The next level of style is the soft fold roman shade. With gentle loops of fabric on the front of the shade, the soft fold or hobbled style is often used as a soft cornice when raised to the open position. It's a great way to add a pop of color or interest to a plain window. Add some tassel trim and send your design to the next level.

The London shade has pleats on the face that create a beautiful swagged effect as the shade is raised. The London shade is very traditional in nature and creates a very elegant feel. Chinoiseries and large patterns are a perfect fabric for this style shade.

Window Dressers offers all of these styles and more. We now carry Samuel & Sons, Pindler, Fabricut, and Thibaut Trim Collections. and Stop in soon to check out our showroom and samples on display!

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