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Fresh New Year

As we start the new year 2021, it seems appropriate to look forward at some of the new trends we see coming our way.

Home offices are becoming absolutely essential. Setting aside a special room for work-at-home functionality opens the opportunity for a complete re-do. Window treatments have a lot of significance in a work space. Managing heat, glare and privacy is an important step to create a successful home office.

Open concept living has it's drawbacks when everyone is home most of the time. Separate study areas create a distraction free space and make home-schooling easier.

Even if you can't erect new walls, fabric is a great way to create a nook and manage the environment during "quiet times." Ceiling mounted draperies work especially well to divide larger spaces.

Warm it up and keep it cozy. We are all in this together and we increasingly want our homes to be inviting and happy places. We are seeing lots of beautiful fabrics in an array of bright, cheerful colors. It's time to replace tired pillows and draperies and add some punch to your rooms!

Less gray is in the forecast for this year. While we love a nice cool gray linen, it's refreshing to see patterns and colors come back into vogue. Tape trims are having a great year with cut-outs and appliqued layers with intricate designs. Yum!

Traditional is also trending this year. We think it has something to do with our need to create safe harbors for our families. All types of wallpapers are hot right now and we have a great selection for you to choose from. We are loving the Thibaut wallpaper and fabric combinations.

Whatever 2021 brings for you, Window Dressers will be here to help you make your clients happy at home!

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