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Outdoor Cushions

There is a lot more to outdoor cushions than meets the eye. Especially when you are replacing worn out cushions with fresh new ones. How you specify re-upholstery of cushions for your clients can make a big difference in in their long term satisfaction.

Like any other project, you should start at the beginning. For a firm cushion that is built to last, Dry-fast outdoor foam for outdoor use is the perfect choice. Made of antimicrobial agents, the composition of the foam has been changed into an open cell product. This allows water to flow right through the foam. Great for pool areas, Dry-fast foam resists mold and as the name implies, it dries very quickly. Dri-fast foam comes in a variety of firmness levels and is can be used anywhere.

The variety of fabrics in the outdoor upholstery arena is unlimited. From plain Sunbrella canvas to elaborate textures and weaves, there is something for every design aesthetic. Outdoor fabrics are solution dyed, meaning that the color is added when the fabric is a liquid. The colors are fade and water resistant and built to stay nice.

Clients often ask how long outdoor cushions should last. The answer really depends on them. If the cushions are protected from the elements, cushions and pillows can last a very long time. In direct sun and rain, a shorter life span should be expected. The fabrics have varying fade resistance warranties depending upon the manufacturer.

The biggest enemy of outdoor products is dust. Keeping the cushions clean is probably the single most important factor to longevity. Regular vacuuming or hosing them off will help alot. All of these fabrics can be washed in cold water in the washer. Do not put them in the dryer, it's too hot. Just stuff the cushions when the covers are wet, and let them air dry.

Check out our terrific selection of outdoor fabrics! We'd love to help you make your client's outdoor areas perfect!

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