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Outdoor Drapery

The idea of extending the living space of our homes to include the outdoors has opened up an especially great opportunity for designers. We all love the acrylic fabrics that make it practical as well as beautiful to treat the outdoor areas. The outdoor fabric category has exploded to include every texture, color and style imaginable.

There are some very particular reasons for using draperies in outdoor areas. Of course, nothing feels more like a resort than flowing sheers that frame a gorgeous view. There's no reason every patio can't have that feel, even if the view is less than perfect. When the view isn't the best, then selecting a pattern that is colorful or visually stimulating can really perk up a drab space.

Other than atmosphere, one big reason for outdoor drapery is privacy. Not every outdoor area offers enough privacy from surrounding buildings. No one wants to relax in a fishbowl. The nice thing about using draperies for privacy is that they also muffle sound.

Sun control is another good reason to include draperies in outdoor areas. The direction of the sun changes daily as well as seasonally. Drapery panels can be opened and closed to follow the direction of the sun, keeping the main areas shaded and cooler. Conversely, In the evenings of Arizona's cooler winter months, outdoor draperies can keep warm air in and keep the cold air out, making an outdoor area cozy and intimate.

Outdoor draperies can also help keep sun out of the house during times of intense heat and glare. Many people have windows that allow inside rooms to get uncomfortable at certain times of day. Outdoor draperies take the brunt of the heat, protecting indoor surfaces and reducing heat gain.

Whatever your clients envision for their outdoor areas, Window Dressers is here to make it a reality. Now is the perfect time to get your clients focused on all the wonderful options for their outdoor world.

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