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Selecting the Perfect Drapery Lining

Did you know that the fabric you select for your drapery lining is very important? The correct lining has everything to do with the way your draperies will hang, draw, stack and even wear.

Some professionals recommend that you match the fabric content of the outer fabric with the lining. This is not always possible with fabrics like silks that do not tolerate sun. And sometimes the lining fabric actually "tames" some of the unruly characteristics of the outer fabric. Interlining can also act as a way to keep fabrics together.

We have some good advice for interior designers about lining.

Always use a good quality lining. A drape-able lining with some weight and a good hand will actually elevate an average face fabric. We understand that not every situation or budget will allow for the very best. Maximize your investment by using a better quality lining.

When given the option, we always recommend interlining. Nothing on the market today gives the same luxurious feel and drape. There are lining fabrics available that have a fuzzy side meant to imitate the feel of interlining. It is not the same. If you want to feel the difference for yourself, stop by our showroom and we will show you how elegant a drapery panel can feel.

If you absolutely feel the need to line a sheer fabric for privacy purposes, we recommend a very thin poly fabric. It doesn't look like stiff cardboard behind the sheer fabric. Maintaining the softness and drape-ability of the sheer is important.

We do have favorite go-to linings chosen over many years of experience. Our number one lining is a 100% cotton sateen. It drapes well and you can feel the quality. In our experience, blended linings do not hang or drape very well. We like soft black-out linings with the black-out properties woven into the fabric, and not sprayed on. Each situation is unique, and we always select and recommend the best option for your project.

Be aware that with certain projects, even the color of the lining will be important. Some Homeowners Associations specify how treatments must look from the street. Many clients will prefer the lining to match the outside of the house to create continuity.

Of course, working with you to select the best lining for your project is a part of the individual service we offer at Window Dressers. Let us help you make every project as perfect as possible.

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