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Pillow Palooza

Who doesn't love pillows? The more the better! And the icing on the cake is that pillows serve so many necessary functions.

Recently, home design color palettes have been neutral. Whites, grays and beiges dominate the shelter magazines. While a neutral palette is pleasing and soothing, a punch of color adds excitement and interest to a room. Pillows are one of the best ways to add that color and interest.

We have all had a client fall in love with a sumptuous fabric that is beyond perfect in every way, but one. The high price has your client clutching her pearls! Pillows offer a fantastic way to make an incredible fabric add impact to your design without breaking the bank.

In that same vein, custom pillows in carefully chosen fabrics can act as a cohesive force tying adjacent areas together. We are long past the matchy-matchy days of yore. An eclectic mix of colors, textures and patterns creates a very pulled-together look with a modern twist.

The selection of fabulous trims is unlimited. We offer everything from tiny braided cord to 6 inch wide embroidered tapes in our showroom. Trims are always appropriate, no matter what your design plan. Be bold and design unique uses for trims and fringes!

Pillows can make furniture more comfortable. We are all built differently and no one piece of furniture will be comfortable for everyone. When you provide extra pillows, your guests can lounge more comfortably on the furniture built for you.

Pillows are a perfect finishing touch for any design. We offer fully custom pillow and cushion creation, including inserts of any type. Call us soon!

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