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What makes a good window treatment designer?

Iconic fashion designers like Ralph Lauren and Diane von Furstenberg are famous for their signature styles. But if we look further, there are other factors at work. Both of these designers tapped into their audience's lifestyle in an incredible way. They promoted being comfortable, at ease and looking fabulous while doing it. They actually changed our perception of fashion norms, and made it more important for every day consumption.

In interior design, the same principles hold true. A good designer taps into the lifestyle of their client and creates an individual oasis in a chaotic world. We are deeply affected by our surroundings and good design elevates our day to day existence.

After so many years in this industry, we have identified the characteristics of an excellent window treatment designer. And yes, you can be an incredibly good interior designer and not be an expert on window treatments!

Flexibility is key. All window treatments address some need. Not all window treatment products meet every need. Often, clients have unrealistic expectations about something they have seen elsewhere. Designers that can sift through the huge array of products and select the options that most perfectly meet the need of their clients are invaluable.

The ability to think outside the box to solve problems is also important. Windows have changed dramatically in size, shape and design over recent years. Nothing is standard any more. Sometimes you have to have help to solve a particular problem with installation or functionality, or integration into home automation systems.

When you reach out to Window Dressers, our first responsibility is to you. We are here to advise, sift through options, and offer expert advice for you. We will measure, trouble shoot potential issues ahead of time, and install your choices. We love to get involved in the early stages to help you present the best option for your clients.

We consider our design clients to be the best at what they do and we value their trust in us. Our purpose is always to make you look good!

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