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Drab to Fab - Details Matter

As a designer, you routinely make decisions about different rooms and products. If we really broke it down for one room, how many details and decisions are needed? Interior design is not easy. We get that at Window Dressers.

Part of our mission is to simplify your life by offering a wide range of fabrics, hardware, trims, and above all, service. All of the quality touches that make your design stand out are what we specialize in. Let's talk about a just a few of these custom touches.

Micro welt is one of the best ways to add an accent color to your project without bulk. It creates a clean separation between fabrics and acts as a subtle, or not-so-subtle contrasting accent to your project. We like micro cord on just about anything!

Interlining is not just for draperies! We add interlining to pillows for fabric stability, added softness and a richer feel. The interlining also acts as an additional barrier to those annoying feathers that escape occasionally.

Elegant embroidered silk table runner is interlined and micro- corded.
Elegant embroidered silk table runner is interlined and micro- corded.

Table linens are a perfect project for interlining as well. The added weight and bulk create a much more upscale look and feel. We combined interlining with a micro cord to make the elegant table runner shown above.

Banding is hot-hot-hot right now. We are seeing the most incredible designs in our new trim and tape samples. Adding a beautiful banding will elevate any project you use it with. We can always make banding in a contrasting color to pull fabrics together. Think outside the box with banding design and make a statement!

Layer your bandings to create maximum impact. This velvet banding layered with coordinating tape trim and gorgeous bling on the bolster shown above adds a huge amount of style and elegance to the bed coverings.

And always remember, we can help you add glamour and excitement to your designs. It's what we do!

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