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Grandma's Draperies

Why Draperies?  I don't think I want draperies. My parents had "draperies", my grandmother had "draperies". "As an interior designer, I did drapery for my clients back when "Tuscan" was popular."  Sound familiar? 

It seems that we've come to a disconnect in this day of  clean and modern interiors regarding the use of fabric window treatments.  Designers and homeowners alike fear choosing anything too trendy that will not age well.

The truth is that some of the most beautiful contemporary homes have well chosen fabric treatments at the windows. In the same way we frame the art on our walls, windows can be framed to enhance both the window and the room. The key factor is in the design of the window treatment. A well designed treatment will complement, harmonize and seamlessly integrate into the overall design vision.

This is even more evident and true in contemporary interiors.  Why is that?  Because we are naturally drawn to the new and exciting. There is always a "new breed" of interior designer, builder and architect with a new thought on how things should be. Minimalist is in. We find that some new designers struggle to visualize how to use window treatments in contemporary homes. So almost by default, windows are left stark and bare. Unfortunately, the client is left with a space that feels cold and sparse. It makes good sense to consult an experienced specialist in window treatment design. A well-chosen fabric and a well designed treatment create a win-win for the designer and the client.

We all know trends come and go. Those of us with experience have seen elements in each phase that stand the test of time. For example, recently during the Tuscan design phase, many experienced designers created stunning projects that remain relevant and timeless today. And of course, some projects have become dated and stale. The difference lies in well chosen fabrics and designs. Window Dressers offers you our experience and depth of knowledge to make every project perfect for your client. 

The Window Dressers Team of Window Treatment Design Experts is here to advise you and to guide you through your window treatment projects. 

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